PAC Tour, Pacific Crest – 2015

The Pacific Crest Tour on Tandem

Months ago, Sharon and I were trying to decide upon a new cycling experience. Some of our tandem riding friends had already decided to go on a “river boat” tour, but Sharon and I couldn’t get excited about this. We wanted to do something with a little more riding involved. We eventually decided to do the PAC Tour’s Pacific Crest ride. A little more riding ended up being an understatement. Below are links to each day of the ride. Read on to see exactly how challenging this type of touring can be.┬áIf interested in doing a challenging ride like this, don’t forget to visit the PAC Tour website.

Gone Biking – Preparing For PAC Tour

  1. Day One – Time to Pay the Ferryman
  2. Day Two – Saddle Sore Galactica
  3. Day Three – Goin’ Down to Leavenworth
  4. Day Four – Come Selah Way
  5. Day Five – Oh the Winds They are a Changin’
  6. Day Six – Halfway Through Hell
  7. Day Seven – Oh My Burning Knees of Fire
  8. Day Eight – A ‘Decent’ Day of Riding
  9. Day Nine – Detroit Lake (Puddle)
  10. Day Ten – Vicious “Cycle”
  11. Day Eleven – Have a “Grate” Day
  12. Day Twelve – Sharon & Tom vs. The Volcano


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