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August 9, 2015 8:42 pm

A ‘Descent’ Day of Riding

You think you’ve done big descents, but have you? I thought I had, but today’s downhill was 17 miles long and at least 3000 feet down.

Timberline Lodge


It’s technically two descents, but after a quick right turn you immediately head downhill again. At least 30 minutes pass before we stop descending. But hey, 30 minutes of almost no pedaling!

The first part is the same hill we climbed the day before. This hill alone is a 2000 foot change in altitude. The rear brake needs to be adjusted after the descent due to pad wear over the last eight days.

Mount Hood


From this point there are some small climbs followed by more downhill sections. Extra time is spent at the only rest stop and we are one of the last few to arrive at lunch at Meinig Memorial Park in Sandy Oregon. It was an enjoyable  riding day with a more relaxed pace, hopefully allowing us to recover a bit for tomorrow’s challenge. Tomorrow we head for Detroit Lakes.

Chicken Pot Pie


Dinner tonight for me was a chicken pot pie at the Tollgate Inn. Tastes just like chicken! Please, any of my Instagrammer friends, let me know if I have used the proper filter for a chicken pot pie.

We finished the day with 55 miles and only about 2000 feet of altitude gain. ?

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