Sharon Eating Dessert
August 12, 2015 9:33 pm

Have a “Grate” Day

Our day starts early and we are out on the road with one of the first groups. We seem to be slow starters and it doesn’t take long for the group to pull away from us, however, while we are still with the group we have to avoid several gratings that the lead riders are announcing. “See Sharon, we are already having a grate day!”

Sharon does not laugh at my joke. Usually she laughs at almost all my jokes, even the bad ones which accounts for most of them.

Diamond Lake Fire


There is a long climb right at the beginning of the day, but we handle it well. The climb goes past bachelor mountain. At the rest stop at the top, my Garmin fails again. I’m really frustrated  and with my Garmin. I don’t even stop to fix it right away. Instead, I start riding faster. What I didn’t realize though is that I’m pulling a pace line along.

We pull through headwinds most of the day and I’m beginning to wonder if this will be our first sag day, but we catch up with a few riders on the flats and descents. The real “treat” is when we turn towards the last hill climb.  Have you ever had a nightmare where you were running somewhere but you could never get there? That’s this hill. It’s perfectly straight, so you can se all of it, or at least you think you can. I look at it and can’t fathom exactly what I’m looking at, but when I do I exclaim, “Oh my God! Sharon, don’t look up.” which she then does. The hill gradually gets steeper so it doesn’t even look like we are on the hill even after we have been climbing for a long time. Once we  get through the worst part of the climb, there are endless false summits before the final descent.

Diamond Lake Fire 2


I say final descent, but there are a few small hills before finally arriving at Diamond lake. I can hear Sharon mutter expletives on each one.

There is a rather large fire burning on the other side of the lake which we could see as we ate dinner.

We finish the day with 128 miles and about 7000 feet of altitude gain. Tomorrow we ride towards Crater Lake. ?

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