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August 10, 2015 8:39 pm

Detroit Lake (Puddle)

Rolling hills…lots of rolling hills today and most of them are too steep and too long to be of benefit to tandem riders. We begin to slip to the back, but neither Sharon or I seem to care. I’ve never been so happy to see gradual sustained climbs, which we do eventually get to.

I think I understand what Lori was trying to say now, only it’s not really that the pain stops. It’s more like your brain just gets tired of telling you the same thing over and over while you choose to ignore the message.

Global warming? That's not a real thing.


At one of the rest stops Lon Haldeman points to where we are on the ride profile. There is a small bike marking the location. I ask, “Shouldn’t there be a vulture circling above it?” Ann, one of the tour riders approaches the rest stop food counter and asks jokingly, “Are there any injectible drugs I can shoot into my legs here?”

Sharon and Tom RidingAt this point, I’d like to make it known that I hate Twizzlers. I’m a Red Vines Man and there’s no settling for Twizzlers. Most rest stops have a supply of both, however some only have Twizzlers, but OMG, these are the best Twizzlers ever! I gobble at least as many of these down as Red Vines.

There is this beautiful river, Clackamas, we follow on our way to Detroit Lake. I keep calling it “Lack a Bus” because I feel that just might be what we are lacking. Sharon is not amused.

Hanging out at the hotel


Lunch is at mile 62 and then the real climb starts. It’s 6 miles. Sharon and I are surprised at how well we climb. Another fast and winding downhill brings us to Detroit Lake about 2:30PM.

We finish the day with 95 miles and 6000 feet of altitude gain. Tomorrow we head for Bend Oregon. ?

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