August 8, 2015 10:37 pm

Oh, My Burning Knees of Fire

After yesterday’s navigation mishap, it’s difficult to get Sharon on the bike again. She dreamt last night of riding in the sag and just kicking back and taking photos. “Well, guess you got that sagging all day out of your system while you were sleeping then.” This logic seems less effected than I hoped. I do convince her to at least start, but I “better not make her miss dinner at Timberline Lodge.”

Mount Hood


We start early enough, but it seems like a struggle right from the beginning. Sharon’s knees are sore. My knees and achilles are sore. It’s almost all climbing today, our average speed starting at about 10 mph and declining. The distance we need to do is shorter, but I’m not sure we can get through this day without sagging.

There are beautiful views of Mount Hood almost the entire day, but all I can think is, “We need to ride up there!”

There’s Jellybellies at the rest stop! I think Sharon is trying to dump a bunch in her jersey pocket. The real climb of the day is getting closer and it looks like we’ll be fueling up for it with tiny multi-flavor beans. Perhaps guessing flavors will prove a distraction during the worst part of the climb.

Sharon and Tom


We are able to keep up with a few riders until we hit the last 2000 foot climb. This last climb is one long slog uphill that seems to get slower and slower the further we go. It’s amazing the bike can remain upright at this speed. We are the last bike to reach Timberline, however we are happy to have just completed the ride. There is a little time to look around the hotel and Mount Hood before eating a really delicious dinner at the hotel.

This day finishes with 55 miles and 8000 feet of climb.

We have now completed 7 days of riding and about 700 miles. ?

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