August 7, 2015 10:11 pm

Halfway Through Hell

Today, I think, I have finally figured out what Sharon and I signed up for. It’s super ultra boot camp for hardcore cyclists.

We get an early start, hoping to avoid yesterday’s mistake and things go well most of the day. This is the hardest climbing day with 8000 feet of climbing. One of the descents reminds me of the speeder bike through the trees scene from Return of the Jedi. We have fun talking with other PAC Tour riders on some of the longer climbs.

Kerin, one of the riders contradicts What Lori had to say about the saddle pain. “Oh no, the pain never really goes away until you stop riding,” she informs us. I will always remember her other comment on the subject. “If you can keep your skin from breaking, you’re winning the battle.” Yikes!

Mount St Hellens


There are beautiful views of Mount St Hellen’s and briefly Mount Raineer. We unfortunately do not have much time to take photos

BugWe have slipped back in the group by lunch, but we expected this on a hard climb day. The crossing over The Bridge of the Gods was spectacular. As we begin the final climbs though, we both have had enough. I watch my distance as it takes what seems like an eternity for one mile to tick off. The real fun starts when road closures mess up the Garmin and we fail to read the route slip correctly. We end up doing extra miles with extra climbing. Backtracking, we manage to roll in with the last group of riders. We are halfway through the trip, but Sharon thinks we need a rest day.

We finish the day with over 130 miles and over 8000 feet of climb. Tomorrow we head for Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood. ?

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