Sharon at lunch with tandem
August 11, 2015 10:22 pm

Vicious “Cycle”

Other than the leg pain, saddle pain, and fact that Lon had to tape my heel on, I’m feeling great! Food tastes great. I’m eating a lot of it and if I haven’t lost weight, I’m sure I’ve shed some unwanted body fat.

Lon tapes my heel in the morning to help with a sore Achilles.

ObservatoryYou get up early, shovel down some breakfast… It’s a vicious cycle. Today is a particularly vicious day of cycling. After already completing a 2000 foot climb, you get to the real climb of the day. This climb is 24 miles with 4000 feet of ascent. The climb is constant almost the entire way up McKenzie Pass. I could tell we had climbed a long way, but was a bit surprised when we reached the top to see that we were apparently riding across the moon. The landscape is covered for miles in volcanic rock and looks like a perfect location for filming your typical post apocalyptic nuclear disaster movie.

Three Sisters


I have rediscovered a riding comfort trick that has been very helpful on this tour. While descending, if you stand and hang one leg out to the side, cold air blows on all your sore parts. It also cools the chamois in your shorts giving you a couple seconds of relief.

It’s a nice descent off the lunar landscape to lunch at mile 84, but there are still flats and some small climbs to get to Bend Oregon.

Bears on Bikes


The tape on my heel did a great job but I did manage to tear through it by the end of the ride. Possibly from all the standing Sharon and I had to do to ease saddle discomfort.

We finish the day with 117 miles and 7800 feet of elevation gain. Next stop, Diamond Lake. ?

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