Sharon and Tom Climbing
August 4, 2015 9:27 pm

Goin’ Down to Leavenworth

Thats right, Sharon and I are now behind bars, (bicycle bars) and have been for the last three days. Our sentence will continue for nine more days of hard labor. One of the riders on the tour has a t-shirt that reads “Life Behind Bars.” I want one!

Sharon Edwards


Leavenworth is a small German themed town where it seems you can’t open a business unless you agree to use calligraphic fonts on all your signs. It’s a really neat looking place Sharon and I had the opportunity to visit earlier this year. This is not the Leavenworth located in Kansas, but since we’re “headin’ down to Leavenworth” now, this might be a good time to mention Bob’s nickname. On a previous tour, there was more than one Bob, so he got saddled with the name “Crooked Bob” due to his riding style. To which Bob commented about this saying, “Crooked Bob? Can you believe that! It sounds like I just got out of prison.”

It Begins Like This

I wake up and look in the mirror and realize I really need a shave. I don’t feel like shaving, but eventually convince myself. “There! Now I don’t look nearly as bad as I feel. Breakfast is Frosted Wheat with lots of fruit on top. Sharon has oatmeal again.

As we leave the parking lot, I can’t get over how slow and sluggish the bike feels. My legs are still sore, my butt is sore and I have no idea how Sharon and I are going to manage to even finish today’s ride. Slowly though, I begin to feel more comfortable on the bike and we begin to catch up to some riders. Then Sharon and I end up leading a pace line for a while and then draft off the same pace line. At about 35 miles into the ride, the pace line pulls into the first rest stop with an average speed of just over 20 mph. The conditions for the first half of today’s ride could not have been better suited to a tandem. Also, Sharon must have really been feeling her oats (oatmeal that is). Give Sharon a huge bowl of oatmeal and she becomes a force to be reckoned with, at least until lunch time rolls around.



Lunch is at a beautiful location overlooking the Columbia River right near Rocky Reach Dam. There’s are covered tabled to keep us out of the sun during lunch. The weather has been pretty mild to what Sharon and I are accustomed to riding in Fresno though.

The Garmin failed us several times today by not announcing turns that were definitely programmed into the route and by creating some creative short-cuts, one of them including a short steep hill that forced us into our small ring for the first time on this tour. The road was named “Pine Flat Road.”  That makes two “Pine Flats” that seem to have been named by someone who does not understand the meaning of the word flat.

The day end fighting headwinds through rolling hills. We arrive in Leavenworth a little after 4:30PM. I have never been so relieved to spot signs sporting calligraphic fonts in my life. Day three ends with about 118 miles and 4000 feet of climb. Tomorrow we head for Selah. ?

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  • Your evil sister says:

    You go Uncle Tom and Sharon!!!
    Loved reading your summary of your trip. Excellent job.

  • dale says:

    What was the average high temp each day? What was the maximum?

    Do we get any pictures of your sore butt?

    • Tom says:

      Temperatures were mild through the entire tour. The only rain we got was while we were not riding. The conditions could not have been better. There was one day where the air quality was not ideal due to a fire, but nothing compared to what it’s like up there now due to even more fires. We got really lucky with the timing.

      Don’t hold your breath waiting for those butt pics.

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