August 3, 2015 9:54 pm

Saddle Sore Galactica

Definitely some saddle issues for me today.  the worst spot seems to be off to the right side. I have given my saddle sore a name. “We have crossed the great Misty Moutains together and therefore I shall call you Sting!”


Sharon at Washington Pass

The terrain at the beginning of the day was flat to gentle climbs, perfect for a tandem. We are riding really well and towards the front groups, passing people easily. I know there’s a bad climb at the end, but the plan is to be one of the first to start climbing.

Something has somehow gone wrong with my plan and after a bathroom break we find ourselves at the back of the group on the first climb heading towards Washington Pass.  Chasing after a rider named Bob, I find new meaning to the phrase “Bob’s your uncle.” Chase after Bob, fail to catch Bob, cry Uncle.

“Maybe we can gain some time back after lunch” I think, but we roll out from lunch dead last. There is just one climb after lunch. It is twenty-four miles long. Fresno riders should imagine riding up the four lane to Cressman’s twice without a break to understand what this climb is like.  This is it. The first circle of hell. I should have seen it coming with all those signs for “Diablo” along the road.

Our bike Carlos


The climb is rewarded with over 20 miles of descent, heading towards Winthrop. The ride down is one of the more scenic parts of the ride as we race towards Winthrop at speeds approaching 46 MPH. We finally are able to pass Bob, but it’s only due to a rest stop we decided to skip. At the hotel, many of the riders want to see just how fast the tandem went down the hill, but I have been a little extra cautious and as a result have not gone much faster than the single bikes.

Support crews have been spot on with providing breakfast and lunch and just get a look at these combination fork, spoon, knife, and tire levers they provide!

Super-spork126 miles And about 8000 feet of riding completes the day. Next stop Leavenworth. ?

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  • SamO says:

    You remind me of me, in that you seem very competitive. I’ve never rode a tandem before, I would of (wrongfully) assumed they were faster, not slower. Is one tandem actually heavier than two regular bikes? Btw, Thank you and Sharon for sharing your ride with us.

    • Tom says:

      On flat ground, tandems are faster. When climbing hills, not so much. The Pacific Crest tour was a very hilly challenge. Tandems weight about twice as much as a single bike. You do have two people pushing it, but the advantage is that the stoker is always drafting and both riders feel the advantage of this. When you are climbing a steep hill, the bike is going so slow that you no longer have an advantage from drafting.

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